My Best Offer Ever (v3)

The Business Transformation Package

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It all started with the unplanned

Epic Road Trip

I have always loved road trips...

I lived in Michigan at the time and was going through a rough patch where I just needed to clear my head... so I did what I normally do and went for a drive. 

I know many of my friends do the same thing.

Well, this drive was a little different.

I ended up in Florida.

It almost felt like I time-traveled, because the 18-hour trip seemed to "just happen".

One minute "hey I'm going for a drive".
The next minute "um, I'm in Orlando".

I didn't have a change of clothes.
I was NOT prepared for this trip.

Like I said, it just kinda happened.

But the most interesting thing happened when I pulled into a gas station in Dalton, Georgia.

Out comes the AmEx...

Swipe card.

Try again.

Swipe card.


A panic fell over me...

How am I going to get home?

Like I said earlier, I wasn't prepared to be over 600 miles from home in the first place.

And the AmEx was the only card I had on me. Well, not really, but we always took all the money out of the PayPal account every Wednesday, and that was yesterday, so I knew that account was empty.

I did what anybody in my situation would do… 

I went across the street to Applebees. 

I didn't go inside because, at that point, I didn't think I had any money. 

But there was a huge oak tree guarding the perimeter of the parking lot so I parked in the cool of its shadow and broke out the laptop and started writing.

I decided to put together a handful of my best products into a bundle and call it "My Best Offer Ever" and I was about 60% done with writing that sales letter when my laptop suddenly died.

Fk again.

I spotted a Panera down the street, so I drove there and pondered my next move.

I don't like using wi-fi for free, so I dug some change from the console, and ordered a small iced green tea. (Sidenote: to date, it is still my favorite beverage and every time I have one I vividly remember this trip, especially the next part...

It took at least another hour, so believe me when I say I was milking that green tea.

Disconnected from wi-fi.
What? Seriously?

Oh, there's a timer. 
Just reconnect.

The condensation rolled down the plastic, creating a puddle on the table and, by the time I finished the sales letter, my "green tea" was not much more than melted ice with a faint green color at the bottom of the cup.

I pressed send on the email and waited


Fk. What am I going to do?

The little voice in my head told me to be patient and give people time to receive and read the email and respond to the offer. Of course.

It was a great offer.
5 of my best products.
At a ridiculous price.
This was going to work.

23 minutes later I checked again...


Booyah - $14k in PayPal!

Panic mode off.
I'm going home!

I packed up and headed toward the gas station and, as I pulled in, I noticed a little 5-word message on their sign that I didn't see before...

It read:

"American Express not accepted here"


Using my PayPal card I filled the tank and headed toward Michigan, occasionally stopping to stretch and check the account (of course), feeling the immense gratitude as I watched it fill with money for the next 10 hours until I arrived home and closed out the offer.

That was probably the best unplanned road trip ever AND one of my best-selling offers ever… hence the name…

Alright, let’s get into it.

Here’s What You’re Getting Right Now…

The H.E.R.O. Consultant

My new flagship training program… and the first time I have ever offered this publicly.

In 2007, I hung up my corporate tie and went all in on my own business.

Thing is, I have been running my own business since 1999. The money I was making from my own business was dwarfing the very nice salary I had as a VP in charge of Network Performance Technology for Bank of America.

So, why did I keep doing the corporate thing for almost 9 years? I had a goal I wanted to achieve, and when I reached that goal I resigned. Simple as that.

I turned in my resignation in August 2007.

Literally ALL the business I have retained for the past 16 years has been mainly due to what I will teach you in The H.E.R.O. Consultant training program.

This is a Proven Methodology for Consulting Success

Look, There are two types of consultant in this world…

The first type of consultant represents the top 1%. They always have a predictable flow of new business coming to them…

And because of this, they choose who they work with, and the clients they do work with, respect them, 

These consultants charge higher fees, but experience less resistance.

They headline events and they command influence.

By systemizing everything in their business, they gain true wealth, the wealth of time. Plus, they gain freedom over how they spend it.

They enjoy the freedom to choose what to do, when to do it, who to spend their time with, and for how long - without worrying about time or money. True freedom.

They are the H.E.R.O. Consultants.

The second type of consultant is far more common and represents that other 99%.

They take whatever clients they can.
They negotiate prices on a case-by-case basis,
And their clients question their advice, no matter how good it is.

They utilize their own time to chase new clients, drum up new business, and fulfill the services they promised.

They are stretched so thin they have no time to focus on what is important…

Their life, their family —
and scaling their business.

They experience these challenges, despite that fact that now, it has never been easier to:

Get direct access to your ideal clients…
Work from anywhere in the world…
Set your own hours…
Take 3-day weekends EVERY weekend…
Cut out the middle-man…
And get paid what you’re worth.

Causing stress, overwhelm, and feelings of hopelessness
And takes a toll on those around them, on the people they care about most…

For no real reason.

Why? The truth is this...

Most consultants are operating out of alignment with the reality of consulting in the year 2023.

Whether they realize it or not…

Most consultants are severely under-resourced, isolated and unaware of evolving industry best practices.

Even though they are experts in their field, they are rarely experts on the business of consulting, which is another beast entirely.

And as a result, there are now two categories of consultant.

The ones who command respect, earn high-six or even 7-figures, and get flown around the world… the HERO Consultants, 

And the rest, who have to chase prospects, submit tedious proposals and lack true authority and recognition. These consultants often mistakenly believe these challenges have something to do with them personally…

Which couldn’t be further from the truth.

So the question is…

What separates the top 1% of consultants from the rest?

That's what I'll teach you in this training.

What does H.E.R.O. stand for?

The same thing I have been doing for the past 24 years…


Yeah, it’s a little cheesy. But it’s fun.

Besides, do we really need another chest-thumping, alpha-male course on the market?

Plus, it’s very important to know the H.E.R.O. Consultant training isn’t about YOU being the hero, it’s about helping the business owner become the hero of their own business - with you as their guide and trusted advisor. 

That’s what works in 2023.
Sidenote: This training very near and dear to my heart because I co-created it with my son who told me repeatedly as a teenager…

“I never want to do what you do when I grow up.”

Not even a decade later he’s taking what he learned from me and using it to lead copywriting and funnel teams for one of the world’s largest self-development companies, doing massive best-selling book launches, AND turning down offers from famous marketers (seriously, I’m forbidden to say the name but you would definitely know it) to buy his company.
Important: The H.E.R.O. Consultant course is 100% complete but I am still recording all the new/updated audios and videos - so please bear with me and enjoy the first module and all the other Business Transformation trainings while I wrap this new version up for you over the next few weeks.

This was sold separately in its original version to private clients for $3000 and alone is easily worth 10x what I'm charging, but there’s still more…

This is a Proven Methodology for Consulting Success

Hybrid Marketing 101

Many of you (who have been around for a while) will recall this is the course Frank Kern liked so much he sent out physical copies to ALL his Inner Circle members.

(This is a picture of the special edition Mass Control Monthly version he sent out.)

The fact is, if you’re only marketing online you’re probably missing out on up to 72% of your potential customers.

I just updated Hybrid Marketing 101 - it’s better than ever and the strategies work better today than they ever have!

Hybrid Marketing 101 will show you how to tap into DEEP pools of proven buyers with their credit cards out ready to buy your offer!

When you learn how to merge online marketing with these proven (and surprisingly cheap) OFFLINE tactics… you will...
  • Bridge the customer “credibility gap” with surprising ease…
  • ​Find deep pools of rabid prospects you can tap into with a simple phone call…
  • ​Outflank your competition with “invisible” marketing they can’t copy (or hack) in the space of 30 seconds…
I will also share:
  • Why email marketing is losing its luster… and how to sidestep the need to have a big list to make any money online!
  • Revealed: How I went “underground” for a year and a half and skipped over the traditional learning curve taught by the gurus – easily generating over a million dollars in sales…
  • ​See why your offer is more important than a catchy salesletter… and how it takes the pressure off your advertising so you can get more sales, faster and easier than ever.
  • Why You're Wasting Your Valuable Time With Social Media Marketing and making PEANUTS… When You COULD Be Using Direct Response Marketing the RIGHT way to Make a KILLING.
  • ​The least expensive ways to get started using HYBRID MARKETING 101 tactics… so you can tap into offline marketing as cheap as FREE!
  • ​Why your personal branding REALLY matters… and how it can help bond you to your customers so repeat sales are almost automatic…
  • How to take a website that’s hurting for traffic and send hordes of qualified buyers waiting to whip out their credit cards!
  • ​The secret of instant access to MILLIONS of potential customers so you stop spinning your wheels… and head straight for the profits…
  • ​and (not to be cliche) so much more...
Look, your Customers are HYBRID CUSTOMERS. 

This means they already buy online AND offline, so Hybrid Marketing in ANY business just makes good sense.

Why would you intentionally leave 50%+ of the money on the table?

This powerful Hybrid Marketing 101 Audios 'ADVANCED Marketing Program' contains over 6 hours of cutting-edge secrets that are delivered to you in MP3 and PDF Student handouts.

These are some of our best Hybrid Marketing tips, tricks, strategies and little-known techniques proven to generate tens of millions of dollars ONLINE & OFFLINE.

You'll be shocked and amazed how the closely guarded secrets we reveal in this UNCUT and UNEDITED Audio Series have the power to potentially help you make a huge fortune!

Claim and USE these Audios and we Guarantee you'll have more actionable online+offline marketing knowledge than 99% of the marketers in the world!

This alone would be worth the cost, but I have a LOT more for you. 

Up next…

Inside Your Business Transformation Package You’ll Discover:

  • How to create a killer offer that everyone will yell “shut up and take my money!” Amateur marketers think they need to create a product. Rich marketers think about creating OFFERS. Offers vs Products – two different things here.
  • ​How to be in business for your own but NOT by your own!
  • ​How to sell your product using text and images. Learn how to convert prospects into buyers and increase your conversion rates with simple tweaks to your sales copy.
  • ​Skyrocket Your Conversion Rates With Sales Videos – I also provide you a template to create your own sales video and watch your conversions triple!
  • ​Make More Bang For The Buck With Upsells – the ‘secret sauce’ to increase your customer lifetime value by +500% without extra traffic or buyers count.
  • ​How To Close More Sales With Downsells – how would you like to make +10% or even +20% more sales without creating a new product or offer? One simple tweak and watch your profits soar with no extra effort!
  • ​How To Setup Your Autoresponder and start sucking in buyers and prospects leads like a vacuum on steroids!
  • ​Simple Trick To Get +10% More Subscribers To Your Mailing List – it is a given that not everyone who visits your website will buy your product on first contact. Even at a phenomenal 10% conversion rate, what about the other 90% of the visitors that did nothing? Find out what to do with the rest of the idle visitors and monetize to the max!
  • ​How To Launch Your Product For Big Paydays – this is the ultimate technique reserved for the top elites of Internet Marketing. Gain the mastery to bring in an unnatural amount of sales flooding into your Inbox on the launch day and catapult into your niche as the newest name in the hall of fame!
  • ​Traffic Generation Secrets to pump in perpetual traffic to your website even after your launch is over – or BEFORE your launch to test your offer conversions!
  • ​How And Where To Get An Army Of Affiliates To Willingly Promote Your Product – and some will even beg to be let in! I will also show you the key motivators that make or break your online success. Remember: it’s still a people business!
  • ​The biggest reason why some marketers are actually happy and well fed while others are bitter and living off Top Ramen. There is a very specific obstacle standing in your way and it’s easy to let it overpower you. Find out how to crush it for good.
  • ​How to get professional writers to help you put money in your pockets absolutely free of charge whenever you’re stuck for ideas. This is a goldmine and it’s hiding from you in plain site. I give you several resources you can start using right now to set up your new income streams.
  • ​How to make money no matter how slow the economy gets. I don’t usually discuss this because most people don’t believe it’s actually this easy but I can tell you from personal experience that you can make money in any situation.
  • ​Examples you can copy and model your own income streams after. I give you my full permission to swipe any of the ideas and examples I’ve given for your own projects. This makes it even easier for you to get started right away.
  • ​How to run through this system backwards and still make money. There are no hard and fast rules. Once you understand the basic concept, you can use it however you see fit. That gives you the freedom to generate cash on your terms.
  • ​Why there are dozens of targeted traffic methods that you should master before even considering SEO, because...
  • ​SEO isn’t the same as it was even 6 months ago and why your obsession with SEO is actually harming conversions and restricting your income…
  • ​Several underground traffic methods that your favorite ‘gurus’ probably don’t even know exist…
  • ​The one list building method recommended by 90% of gurus that actually destroys your credibility and conversion rates. (Oopsie!)
  • ​Why the size of your list is completely irrelevant…
  • ​The simple trick that will double your conversions when promoting an affiliate offer (or your own offer) by Email…
  • ​How to create “Profit Nuggets” that turn customers into “Evangelists” with this simple technique and have them telling everyone about your offers.
  • ​How to build "hypnotic" back-end offers that double, triple, even quadruple your sales each week without you even lifting a finger.
  • ​Five “tested” email formats that that you can steal and “CUT AND PASTE” that are proven to generate thousands of dollars in sales over the years.
  • ​Where to go for “secret” resources that no one is talking about online to build a list of targeted subscribers quickly – specifically interested in any niche’ that you choose.
  • ​How to make the most out of every email you send out – what days work best with what offers!
  • ​6 Keys to producing “Multiple Streams Of Website Income” and exactly how to do that the right way – (because doing it the wrong way will make your list of customers “unsubscribe” faster than a snowball melts in July.
  • ​The SINGLE-MOST Important “Golden Rule” For Building Your Business On A “ROCK SOLID” Foundation – and 7 insider “short cuts” practically nobody’s using online!
  • ​4 More Ways to Write Emails That Produce Thousands of Dollars in Sales…overnight (and generate 50 pre-qualified leads or more daily)
  • ​How to generate $2,000 or more without spending a single penny on advertising… and why you’ll never want to pay for advertising again!
  • ​How to create “Stealth Profit Nuggets” secretly hidden throughout your website that you simply give away to your customers and instantly turn them into “Evangelists” (and have them telling everyone else about your website.)
  • ​How to write convincing sales copy and promotions that will guarantee your customers click on your offers and make a purchase – and the #1 “stupid-simple” way you can guarantee you double your sales on every one in three customers.

You get all this AND MUCH MORE when you claim your Business Transformation Package (My Best Offer Ever) right now!

Here's What to Do Now...


Lee Collins is a former Air Force Network Systems Engineer and Fortune 500 Corporate VP - who is best known as an early pioneer of Direct Response Marketing on the Internet. He also has over 23 years experience running operations for multiple multi-million dollar marketing, software, SEO, financial, and business coaching companies.

When Lee isn't being invited to private masterminds with industry leaders, working with New York Times bestselling authors, growing his own companies, or helping his high-level private clients solve big (and small) marketing and operations problems, Lee is most likely off-grid roaming the desert or heading up into the mountains in his fully-equipped Jeep Gladiator. Or just gone fishing.

"The driving force behind everything I do is to leave
each person a little better than I found them."

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